The Shoes I Walk In

Photography is a passion of mine, ever since I received my 1st Polaroid in 1981. When cameras went digital, I was thrilled. ย Today, I have a Nikon D60, D5500, and just sold my D810. ย Unfortunately, I got in a car accident, and I am unable to get out as frequently as I would like. When I do, I take one of my cameras and a couple of my preferred lenses. ย A good portion of photos I will be sharing are pre~accident. I enjoy using LR & PS in hopes of creating pictures that are pleasing to the viewer. I am astounded by the level of expertise amassed throughout the blogosphere, whether professional, amateur, or hobbyist. PLEASE feel free to critique any of my photos. I am always open to constructive criticism; my door is always open to meeting new people and chatting it up.

I also hope to learn tips, tricks, & techniques in post-processing through discussions. It’s difficult matching the clarity and resolution that I have observed in other photographers photos. I believe the choice of the lens makes or breaks a photo. Although, I think a lot of the clarity in original captures can be done in post-processing too. I hope to learn these techniques & If I can help anyone, I am always open to teach what I have learned. I know many photographers are hesitant in divulging tips & techniques; maybe I will find the right person willing to share and/or tutor. LOL, I am not holding my breath. Over time, it has been fun witnessing how my skill level advances. ย Best wishes and I look forward to meeting potential new friends.


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