HELP THE FUNGAL MENINGITIS VICTIMS OF 2012 NECC Settlement Story and the lawsuits have been settled, but not one victim has found any relief. The perpetrators were just granted freedom from home (Mansion) confinement. While the victims still agonize in pain and are confined in their home. The trial keeps getting set back from Aug 2016 to Jan 2017. Promises are made to the victims, and each one has not been fulfilled. Is there anyone out there who is willing to write their senator, congressman, the president and keep them from sweeping the victims under the rug? Don’t allow the two people charged with 25 counts of murder walk free. Even though 60+ died due to a pharmaceuticals companies greed. If I am feeling ok and I am able to go out on an excursion with the family that requires a lot of walking I have to take a wheelchair. Many may think this is not a big deal, but over 700 people live their lives suffering in agony & pain which I hope none of you ever experience. So many have lost everything because the government entities failed to follow up with the multiple fines charged to this pharmaceutical companies facility. Again greed, as long as they paid the fines they were in compliance. I enjoyed going out and engaging with my family. For 3 1/2 years, I lived in my recliner topped with 8 pillows under and around me for comfort. We eventually had enough money to purchase a Sleep Number bed which has helped me considerably. Now I can sleep in my bed again with my wife. I am able to raise the head, legs, & adjust the level of firmness. Sometimes, I need to sleep in the recliner but it is a rare occurrence now. If you want to help, contact your public officials and let them know you are outraged by the treatment these victims have received from the lawyers and the government and the ones responsible for the largest pharmaceutical outbreak in the HISTORY of this nation are treated with kid gloves. Do you know anyone who has been charged with 25 counts of murder and has been granted bail? There’re many other counts charged against the owners continuing down to the employee’s, but 25 counts of murders? If it were you or me, we would certainly be locked up until the trial’s outcome, this in its self should outrage you. Two people who have 25 counts of murder walk the streets of Boston today because home confinement is too hard and they are missing out on family activities. I miss 99% of my families activities & church, forcing me to spend my time alone, I am stuck in my house due to pain. Photography is a passion of mine & I can no longer go on photo shoots or setup a simple portrait shot. It is wrong & needs to be corrected. There was a time when my wife could lean on me for support, now I lean on her. After the accident, my wife has taken most all of my responsibilities as a father & husband on herself. It brings me to tears seeing her cut the lawn or shoveling the driveway. My wife has stood by me throughout this ordeal. Not only is she my wife, but she has taken on the role of nurse also(a tough one at that. LOL). If it wasn’t for the love, compassion, commitment, & strength my wife has unconditionally expressed, I would have thrown in the towel a long time ago. Each day is a battle & a struggle for us both, we fight side by side never giving up.First and most important, our strength, courage, love, come through our faith in Jesus. I love my family & friends who stuck by me through these challenging times. I love them all so much & thank God for placing each one in my life. There is no “Why me,” hate, anger, or revenge running through these veins. I forgive the man who hit me, it was an accident, I forgive all who took part in allowing the tainted epidural shots to hit the market, of course, I want to see justice for those who were involved by accepting and held accountable for their actions. If I don’t forgive then my life would be more miserable than it is. Hate and anger blinds you from the good things life has to offer. I still have my beautiful wife and daughter who I love so very much. I have friends who have stood behind me understanding what happened to me and so many others. Some did not understand and I have lost family & friends. In the meantime, the $253,000,000 set aside for the victims and their families is slowly being siphoned off by greedy lawyers. They are milking this for as long as they can. Who is getting the interest on that money? You figure 1% (which we know is low) of $253,000,000 is and where is all that money going? That’s over $72,000,000 a year filling someone’s pocket. We need people to stand up to this affront and help those who need your help by writing a couple of letters & passing this on to your friends. This is not a chain letter this is fact, and many people need your help. How many times have you wished for the opportunity to help someone? Here is your opportunity to impact the lives of over 700 people. It will only cost you a few stamps, a few envelopes, some spit, & a passionate letter. I am still able to engage in my hobby (see above), these pictures were taken while sitting in my kitchen and snapping picture through an open door. I am not a professional photographer, maybe just barely an amateur photographer. It was a hobby I enjoy and on occasion I find photos that somebody else enjoyed. Most of the time when I go to take pictures I am in a wheelchair at an event with my wife and daughter. Many of the above pictures are from the past that I reworked using Photoshop and Lightroom. A lot of the victims suffering from the fungal meningitis outbreak are not able to enjoy their hobbies or engage in those things that they are passionate about. All of us have lost everything from financial concerns, physical and mental abilities, a simple walk around the block has been stripped away from us. Most all of us are stuck in our homes 24/7 and only go out to see their doctors. We miss out on graduations, Family picnics, going to the movie theater, going to the zoo or museum, simply spending time with a friend or family member has been stripped away from us. So I ask that you take a few minutes to write a couple letters to you’re Government officials and don’t let them sweep us under the rug. Stop them from stealing from us; stealing money that we need to payback loans, Doctor bills, rent, and there isn’t enough money to help everyone, you do the math and you will see there’s barely enough left to provide for the victim’s future. None of us knows what the future holds for us, we recently heard of another victim who died because of fungal meningitis. If we catch a cold and it turns into pneumonia, our bodies are weak, most likely we will not have the strength to survive an illness. So please, I beg you to open up your hearts and help the victims of the worst pharmaceutical outbreak in the history of the United States. The cost to you is minimal, a few stamps, a few envelopes, a couple pieces of paper, and a passionate letter sent your senators, congressmen, your local mayor, and even the president. Don’t let the victims of the 2012 fungal meningitis outbreak be forgotten. Thank you in advance for helping and giving us a voice. The following links to educate the public Why Victims Haven’t Been Compensated DOJ Show Compassion To The victims Compounding pharmacy linked to meningitis outbreak knew of mold, bacteria contamination Federal prosecutors charge 14 in deadly meningitis outbreak 131-count indictment Most of the pictures above were taken before the accident and three tainted epidural shots that I received. I am an amateur at best, I used to love taking pictures. Every once in awhile it is awesome to hear a compliment on a photo. I enjoy seeing or hearing how a picture moved them in some way. Thank you & God bless you.

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